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The right tool for rooted Android smartphones!


Mit dem Droid Manager verwalten Sie Ihr Android-Smartphone am PC. Das Tool speichert Apps, legt Backups an und kann sogar Systemeinstellungen unter Android ändern. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie die Software für Root-User funktioniert. Droid Manager richtet sich an Nutzer, die ihr gerootetes Smartphone bequem am PC verwalten möchten. Die Software vereint viele Werkzeuge, die das Arbeiten erheblich vereinfacht. Besonders praktisch sind etwa die zahlreichen Backup-Möglichkeiten.

When doing only a few things is not enough!


Having tested the application extensively over the past few days, I can honestly say that there has been some serious thought put into this amazing piece of software.

Droid Manager: Powerful Adb Front-End Management Suite for Android


Droid Manager seems to be supporting as many different ADB commands and recovery tools in a single package as one can possibly imagine. Ranging from wireless data transfer between Android and PC to total modification of local, as well current device ROMs (and pretty much everything in between), this desktop-based tool comes across as a comprehensive free Android manager.